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The 69M pressure switch is used to regulate the tank pressure between two preset values on small, electrically driven compressors (up to 175 psi). It is available with an unloader valve, which prevents compressors from starting under load. It is also available with both the unloader valve and an auto-off disconnect lever for manual cut off of the compressor. A four port manifold style is available which provides for easy mounting of relief valves and gauges. Furnas Pressure Switch

The 69H pressure switch is designed for the demanding requirements of larger, commercial duty air compressors(up to 250 psi). The sturdy, painted steel case and cover resists the harsh conditions encountered in industrial applications. This style is also available with an unloader valve to prevent the compressor from starting under load. Furnas Pressure Switch

Furnas Starters and Contactors range from 20 to 650 amperes with silver cadmium oxide contacts and large copper heat sinks. These devices provide superior weld resistance charactoristics, high conductivity and high resistance to arc erosion. The result of these and other design features assure long, trouble free electrical and mechanical life. Products with these features include:

Class 42 Contactors for reliable full voltage control of :

  • Compressor Motors
  • Electric Heating Loads
Furnas Contactor

Furnas Class 14 Industrial Magnetic Starters are designed for across the line starting of single phase and polyphase motors.
     ESP100 starters combine the rugged characteristics of a NEMA rated contactor with a solid state overload which provides phase loss protection. It offers the industrial user greater protection and added life for motors in heavy duty applications.
Furnas Starter

Magnetic Line Starters
  • NEMA Rated
  • Industrial Duty
  • Full Voltage
  • Ambient Compensated Overload Relay
  • Non-Reversing
  • 600 Volt AC
Furnas Magnetic Starter

Furnas Heaters
Overload protection for magnetic starters. If motor is stalled, overload protector must trip within approx. 10 seconds to protect motor windings. .
Furnas Heater

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